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Our services include: Reiki, Shamanic Divination, Shamanic Healing, and Spiritual Cleansing.

Reiki Services

Reiki is an ancient healing art, which by the laying on of hands, can heal physical, mental, and spiritual concerns. Studies have shown that Reiki is very effective in easing pain.

 Shamanic Divination

When you have a pressing question about an ailment, a life event, or a possible future event, you may want to avail yourself of Shamanic Divination. The Shamanic practitioner will go into a trance to find an answer for you. Sometimes the messages are revealed through scenarios or symbols, while other times, a spiritual message may be transmitted in words.

Shamanic Healing

We offer various forms of Shamanic healing for the spirit, which can have a great effect on physical and mental health. The offerings are: 

* exploratory journey

                 --to determine which type of healing is needed

* spirit guide provision or power animal provision

                 --for spiritual protection

* extraction

                 --removal of negative energies

* soul retrieval

                 --promotes spiritual wholeness

* psychopomp services

                 --end of life or afterlife services

Services are billed by the amount of time spent: $50.00 per half hour.

Spiritual Cleansing

Cleansing is a method of removing impurities from the aura to allow the person to feel whole spiritually and to be free of unwanted spiritual influences. The state of the aura can have a significant effect on one's overall well-being.

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